The Altar was the first item to be seen after entering through the entrance into the Outer Court. Fire was kept burning upon the altar continually, it must not go out. It was on this Altar that the five offerings were made. The Altar was made from acacia wood overlaid with bronze. It stood 5 cubits (7.5 feet) square and 3 cubits (4.5 feet) high. It had horns at its four corners, signifying strength and salvation. A grate of network of bronze was positioned in the middle of the Altar. This 3D model shows one possible construction of the Altar and the grate. The grate had 4 rings in its four corners. Poles were inserted in these rings to carry both the grate and the Altar.

Acacia wood signifies the humanity of Christ. Bronze reminds us of God's judgement. The Altar therefore speaks of Jesus bearing the judgement of God for our sins.