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Moses' Tabernacle

Built under the supervision of Moses around 1450 B.C., the Tabernacle was a portable structure for the Israelites to worship God.

Solomon's Temple

At around 970 B.C., King Solomon began to build the first temple. He had spend 7 years building it. It was a most spectacular and expensive construction project.

Noah's Ark

We all know the story. This is a model of the ark that Noah built to escape the great Flood.

How to set up the Tabernacle

Do you know how the Tabernacle was put together? Come in for a hands-on experience.

The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark was regarded as the most sacred object by all, representing God's presence. It was a wooden chest overlaid with gold inside and out and was placed in the Most Holy Place.

The Golden Incense Altar

The incense altar was made of wood and overlaid with gold. It was placed in the Holy Place in front of the veil. The priest had to burn incense on this altar during the morning and evening services.

The Golden Lampstand

The golden lampstand was beaten and formed from one piece of pure gold. It had three branches coming out of each side of the central shaft. The seven lamps on top of the branches were oil lights.

The Table of Showbread

The table of showbread was built of wood and overlaid with gold. Twelve loaves of bread were placed on the table and replaced by fresh bread the following Sabbath.

The Table of Showbread according to Jewish Interpretation

According to The Odyssey of the Third Temple, by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the table itself was of acacia wood, overlaid with gold, and weighed several "talents"  - each talent being about one hundred pounds. Thus the table itself weighed several hundred pounds, perhaps about four-five hundred pounds!

The Laver in the Tabernacle

The laver was a large bronze basin containing water and placed on a pedestal in the outer court of the Tabernacle. The priests washed their hands and feet at the laver before entering the Tabernacle or offering sacrifices.

The Bronze Altar in the Tabernacle

The bronze altar was made from wood and overlaid with bronze. It had horns at its four corners, and there was a grate in the middle. Daily sacrifices were offered on this altar in the morning and afternoon.

The Two Great Cherubim in the Temple

Inside the Most Holy Place in the Temple, there were two great cherubim stood facing the Holy Place, overshadowing the Ark of the Covenant.

The Carts and Basins in the Temple

There were 10 basins carried by 10 movable stands (carts) in the inner court. The carts looked like four-wheeled carriages so that the basins could be transported around the Temple. On the top of the cart there was a circular opening where the basin was set into. Things belonged to the burnt offering were washed at the basins.

The Great Altar in the Temple

In the inner court of the Temple stood the great altar of bronze. It was 30' square and 15' high, made after the pattern in the Tabernacle. Daily sacrifices were offered on this altar in the morning and afternoon.

The Bronze Sea in the Temple

The molten sea was a large basin made of bronze. It was 7.5' high and 10' in diameter. The sea can hold 17,500 gallons of water. The priests used the water from the sea to wash themselves before entering into the Temple or offering sacrifices.